Monday, April 23, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal

Well, no blogging for a week - intentionally - as I was hoping to have news of the cottage to tell you about.

On Wednesday we were distraught as the owner of the property had set the price too high for our budget. As of last night, we have renegotiated and the Bella Casa is ours! A few week's wait will be worth it as it is such a beautiful setting. I know you don't live in scenery, but the old adage of 'location, location, location' really does apply. So many possibilities, so many plans, so many dreams. I hope I don't wake up - if this really is a dream.

And here is another beauty: the un-named tulip planted last Autumn (un-named because I threw away the label accidentally after planting!). Isn't she a charmer - you have to smile when you see this firework of colour.

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yvette said...

Your new cottage is fabulous, good luck with it and I love that pretty tulip.