Monday, April 16, 2007

Bella Casa

Isn’t she sweet? Definitely a she: curvy, inviting, work-in-progress…!

Fingers crossed, if all works out, this may be our new home. Set in the hills above the Otter Valley in East Devon, this traditional Devon cob cottage is a real gem – I think the local council have forgotten about her as she’s not listed (best to keep schtum, eh?).

Only two bedrooms, with most of the living space downstairs, there’s lots of potential – so much so that I can’t wait to get my itchy fingers stuck in. Carter loves it too as you can see.

The front and back views are a little topsy turvy as the view of the front door is now the back, and vice versa. I suppose originally the access would have been from the bottom of the valley, up the lane (which is now a bridleway) rather than from the top of the hill, off the tarmac road for 200 metres of dirt track. I’d love to find out the history of the place… but, first things first: let’s get it!

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