Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here is where the heart is at present. Isn't it lovely? Surrounded by fields (and noisy trees at this time of year) within a walk of the cafe at the main house (which also has formal gardens, a maze, birds of prey, a 4x4 track... great fun!)and it has the space we need. Although that space is still hidden under boxes as I have so many books, I've run out of where to put them... much to the chagrin of himself!

But at least my 2 metre long work table is up - and will be a fabulous work surface when all the rubbish on top of it finds a home. Broadband still isn't up (thanks BT) even after 1.5 hours on the phone to them on Sunday (I do hope it was a freefone number) but at least we have dial up (if I have the patience).

And the walks are lovely, although only truly enjoyed at the weekends as it's dark when I rise to walk Carter, and dark when I get home, but at least I know it's all there. Lots of dog walkers use the lane for their pooches, luckily they're all a decent bunch and don't leave presents (if you know what I mean)but it's the cars at night which are a little off-putting - and the torch light twinkling through the trees when I take C out for his last run before bed... gives me the creeps (but then I had to sleep with a light on at night when young!).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Inspiration

Talking of being inspired, two of my bestest artists with fabric are the reason I need more space! Well, okay, that's not entirely true - my love of fabric far precedes their inspiration.

The first is Janet Bolton. An amazing artist with a naive yet sophisticated style I would love to emmulate even slightly. I can't wait until next June when I'm attending a two day workshop with my bestest chum in Cornwall with Janet at the helm. I keep jotting ideas and thoughts into my sketchbook for possible Boltonesque pieces but, until now, I've not had the wherewithall to even start (poor excuse, I am aware, but it IS one!).

The second in the lovely Linda Miller. Her creations are in thread and are so textured and scrumptious I want them all. I sat in on a masterclass Linda held at the craft fair in Bovey Tracey earlier this year - and she is a lovely lovely person too!
The subtelty of her creations is fantastic and they look so simple - but really truly they're not... I know, I've tried. Well, I didn't even manage to start stitching because my sewing machine (a fabulous Singer I spent ages finding) won't allow the feed dogs to drop, neither will the sewing foot raise high enough to slip in an embroidery ring.... I feel another sewing machine will need to be purchased... and how do I explain that one away when the current incumbent is perfectly fine for, well, sewing?!

And don't you just love it when your memory drags something up from the depths and you find a relevant link to take your thoughts even further? Here is the fabulous '>Jane and her Linda-Milleresque creations from a while ago.... my goodness, 2005! Oh well, this style has longevity!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sooo Busy

And sooooo bad not have posted for so long. Lots has happened since my last post - and the most important has been we have moved! Our new abode is a beautiful Victorian lodge house set on a private estate, surrounded by countryside in East Devon. It also means I now have SPACE - space to create, space to do, space to think, space to store - space to be... ahh, lovely.

I have been inspired today by a wonderful artist called Annora Spence who creates naive and quirky pieces of work - I'm hoping to own some of her prints, but just looking at them inspires me.

My other inspiration of the moment (and has been for a year or more) is Sam Toft. Similar style, slightly less abstract and more illustrative in a strange descriptive way - I love the mini storylines attached to some of her pictures (even just a phrase becomes so evocative). I own a lovely collection of Sam's prints - and she also has inspired me to get creative and DO.

What do you think?