Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not that we celebrate in our household... The Man doesn't believe in such exploitation (methinks its just cos he's useless at getting things for birthdays too!). So, to cheer us up, here's a beautiful picture I took in St Ives, Cornwall, just this morning.

And, here are the finished bootees - finally!

I gave up on an adornment for the brown cashmere bootees so they're going naked...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lots of Photos

The finished socks went off to my mum a couple of days ago:

Lovely flowers arrived from my MIL to say how pleased they were I am safe...

And some beautiful flowers arrived from my friend Bridget...

What a beautiful morning here in cold and sunny Devon!

And you don't get to see the photos of my 'Airbag Black Eyes' from last Sunday (only now coming out) - pointed out by The Man. Gosh, doesn't I look luverly?!? You're so not seeing! The crash appeared in the local rag with a photo of the scene after I was taken away and before the police removed the vehicles - not something you want to send to your mum saying "Look, I'm famous" - I'll wait for something less frightening!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Okay, I cheated slightly - here's Carter!
He's much better looking thatn I am...as you may see in future posts.
Love him xxx

Monday, February 06, 2006


This is the result of a teen-idiot overtaking another car coming up to a blind summit, with me coming the other way... ouch! Sadly the car was totalled - but thankfully neither Carter nor I were badly hurt at all, thank God. And this came hot on the heels of The Man and I finally deciding to hang on to the sexy Alfa rather than trading her in. Methinks some higher being has other ideas for our mode of transport (which temporarily will be a teeny tiny Corsa!!! Ha, elephant and bicycle spring to mind).

So, with a touch of whiplash and a cranky back and knee, I decided to stay home and listen to the new edition of Cast On (congrats Brenda by the way!) and not go to art group.

I also thought I'd let you see the photo of my dismal failure from last week - well, if I don't show my failures, how will you admire my better efforts?!?

Also - da daaaa - socks are finally done.

I'm so chuffed with these, my very first pair, and have decided that my mother can be the proud recipient (well, I hope proud) and they'll go off to her tomorrow. Now, which socks next? I'm thinking of the Web Socks by Erica Alexander (found on Interweaves' weabsite) or the so-famous Jaywalkers - and do I use Lorna's Laces or Rowan's Harris Yarns in 4-ply (that fab orange yarn)? Mmmmm...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Some new yummies

Naughty, naughty girl... bought the yarn from my LYS in Exeter, and the pattern and counter (great for socks I should think!) from Get Knitted (thank you Sue for the sock pattern - nearly finished!).

Talking of socks, the orange yarn is a tough feeling 4 ply which I thought would be great for some cabled socks, but still to find the pattern. Love the pattern but am trying not to think about big projects as I have so many potentials and I'm enjoying the likkle projects at present. I'm on the second sock now, in the Opal yarn I bought last week, and I'm really chuffed that they look so good. I've decided that socks need to be made in extra special yarn or at least be an extra special pattern to make it all worthwhile - any recommendations of yarn and/or patterns you've used and loved - let me know!