Tuesday, January 01, 2013


With a new year dawning, hopes are high for a better year in so many ways.

My day started today with my usual walk across the village to feed the hens and let them out of their coop. The girls were very chatty today and wanted to help me in my quest to fill in some rat holes that had appeared in their enclosure overnight, pecking at my rubber clad fingers with much enthusiasm!

I then rolled out the trusty bike and pootled off for a short bike ride, my first in many months. The sky was a beautiful blue and there was a lovely nip in the air which made me peddle with much enthusiasm, only stopping to make a fuss of Oliver the golden retriever and to wish his owners a happy new year.

I do so love living in this village!

The afternoon saw us heading to some dear friends for their annual drinks party - I was looking forward to sampling their coffee martinis with much enthusiasm :)

A few hours of sock knitting in front of the fire finished off this chilled out start to the year!

Finally, here's a little snapshot of our cottage's sitting room - yes, DH is snoozing on the sofa!!

Happy New Year to you all :) x

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Unknown said...

Wow, Ewa, your house looks HuGe in this shot - and I know the truth :-)

It is a lovely cottage. Hope you are staying toasty warm. Big hugs, pw x