Monday, December 31, 2012

A sad year

2012 is drawing to an end, an end I am looking forward to as it was not a good year.

Sadly poor darling dearest Carter passed away on 8 December this year, he is so missed by us all. I am waiting for the time when I can think of him without wishing with all my heart that he was here still as he gladdened so many hearts with just his presence and I want that love to envelope me time and again.

We were blessed to have had Carter as our companion for over 11 years of his 12 year life. One day I will be able to tell his tale, as he had a varied life with us, but that is for another day. I feel his spirit and soul with me every day, for which I am thankful.

2012 was also the year that I spent 6 months unemployed, which will hopefully change early in the new year. It was also the year that DH spent 6 months working on our place in France. Much as he annoys the heck out of me at times, I am rudderless and lonely without him here and this length of time was far too long - we won't be parted for this long again.

I am sure 2012 brought many good things too but I am so looking forward to the new year with it's fresh starts and fresh hopes and dreams.

Onwards and upwards my friends!


walter and me said...

Oh Ewa, I am so sorry. I've been thinking of you and Carter, and just checked your rav profile. What sad news. I know these early weeks are so very difficult, but I hope all your very happy memories will help you smile through your tears.
Sending love and hugs,
Diana and Walter xxxx

Cartervater said...

Thanks Diana (and Walter)for your lovely comments. Yes, it is tough at the moment, with every day bringing it's own challenges, but the lovely boy deserves happy memories which he will be providing for many years to come once the pain eases. Thanks for your love and hugs, Ewa xxx

Seni said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, many hugs and heeling thoughts on your way ❤