Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Soft Suffolk

With a view to develop the creativity element of my non-new year decisions, I’m developing a little line of textile based items perhaps to sell on-line or through local boutiques, of which we have many here in the south west. I used to make Shaker inspired angels which I sold through word of mouth and through a lovely little gallery in Chipping Camden, but that was many eons ago so it seems a tad daunting.

Anyhow, the picture is of a couple of simple corsages being made from felt which are my starting point for this element of creativity.

At work, I’m searching for words to describe a new tile range we’re launching called Artisan and this has led me onto investigating the small towns of Suffolk in more detail due to the names chosen for the colours – the designer comes from Suffolk and loves the soft clear tones used by artists and artisans in the area. I want to find out more about these artists and the use they made of the soft light in this area, and area unknown to me as, when not in London, we spent time in the west country (apart from a holiday at a very young age in The Wash in the north of East Anglia).

It’s funny how one string of thought takes you down a totally unexpected route – but that’s what creativity is all about!

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