Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Temporarily out of action...

We have been homeless for nearly 4 weeks now, home has been a static caravan behind our local pub (not good!) hence the silence on the blog front, my apologies. I'm accessing it from work at the moment so, ssssh: don't tell :-)

Before all our possessions went into storage, I kept some to one side for our creative team to use for photoshoots for new product. A bit of an ego boost when you see your favourite items used in professional photography. Here's my favourite, showing my beloved grandmother's hand-stitched quilt (English pieced, using old dresses: some I just about remember her and my mother wearing: there's even a fabric or two from my sister's and my dresses too!).

We hope to be in the cottage (sorry, should call it farm as that's the official name) by the end of the month but it will only be the three of us: Himself, Carter and me. PC is failing with her kidney disease and we have made the very difficult decision to take her on her last journey this evening. We're very sad. More another day.


Penny said...

I hope PC's end was peaceful. Life must be unsettled enough as it is, without the extra stress.

yvette said...

I am sorry to hear PC was so sick, I hope to see pictures of the farm when you get installed there, good luck.