Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here is where the heart is at present. Isn't it lovely? Surrounded by fields (and noisy trees at this time of year) within a walk of the cafe at the main house (which also has formal gardens, a maze, birds of prey, a 4x4 track... great fun!)and it has the space we need. Although that space is still hidden under boxes as I have so many books, I've run out of where to put them... much to the chagrin of himself!

But at least my 2 metre long work table is up - and will be a fabulous work surface when all the rubbish on top of it finds a home. Broadband still isn't up (thanks BT) even after 1.5 hours on the phone to them on Sunday (I do hope it was a freefone number) but at least we have dial up (if I have the patience).

And the walks are lovely, although only truly enjoyed at the weekends as it's dark when I rise to walk Carter, and dark when I get home, but at least I know it's all there. Lots of dog walkers use the lane for their pooches, luckily they're all a decent bunch and don't leave presents (if you know what I mean)but it's the cars at night which are a little off-putting - and the torch light twinkling through the trees when I take C out for his last run before bed... gives me the creeps (but then I had to sleep with a light on at night when young!).

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Unknown said...

what an incredible house! so beautiful! now i have house envy... ; )