Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sooo Busy

And sooooo bad not have posted for so long. Lots has happened since my last post - and the most important has been we have moved! Our new abode is a beautiful Victorian lodge house set on a private estate, surrounded by countryside in East Devon. It also means I now have SPACE - space to create, space to do, space to think, space to store - space to be... ahh, lovely.

I have been inspired today by a wonderful artist called Annora Spence who creates naive and quirky pieces of work - I'm hoping to own some of her prints, but just looking at them inspires me.

My other inspiration of the moment (and has been for a year or more) is Sam Toft. Similar style, slightly less abstract and more illustrative in a strange descriptive way - I love the mini storylines attached to some of her pictures (even just a phrase becomes so evocative). I own a lovely collection of Sam's prints - and she also has inspired me to get creative and DO.

What do you think?

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