Monday, February 06, 2006


This is the result of a teen-idiot overtaking another car coming up to a blind summit, with me coming the other way... ouch! Sadly the car was totalled - but thankfully neither Carter nor I were badly hurt at all, thank God. And this came hot on the heels of The Man and I finally deciding to hang on to the sexy Alfa rather than trading her in. Methinks some higher being has other ideas for our mode of transport (which temporarily will be a teeny tiny Corsa!!! Ha, elephant and bicycle spring to mind).

So, with a touch of whiplash and a cranky back and knee, I decided to stay home and listen to the new edition of Cast On (congrats Brenda by the way!) and not go to art group.

I also thought I'd let you see the photo of my dismal failure from last week - well, if I don't show my failures, how will you admire my better efforts?!?

Also - da daaaa - socks are finally done.

I'm so chuffed with these, my very first pair, and have decided that my mother can be the proud recipient (well, I hope proud) and they'll go off to her tomorrow. Now, which socks next? I'm thinking of the Web Socks by Erica Alexander (found on Interweaves' weabsite) or the so-famous Jaywalkers - and do I use Lorna's Laces or Rowan's Harris Yarns in 4-ply (that fab orange yarn)? Mmmmm...

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