Saturday, May 26, 2018

Golden paste for dogs (and humans!)

I have heard a lot about the benefits of golden paste to help dogs with arthritis and, with Jeaves’ elbow dysplasia causing him to limp a little after exercise, I thought it worth trying.

I also read that the active ingredient, curcumin, is good against many problems in humans, in particular cancers such as my mother’s: multiple myeloma. She hates taking drugs of any kind and yet of course has to with her condition, but I am working on her taking this paste to see if it may help.

This batch is double the size of the one I made a fortnight ago, so should last a month, theoretically! The ingrdients are in cups, which is easy to deal with:

1 cup turmeric
4 cups water

Bring to boil then simmer for 7-10 minutes until thick. Take off the heat, allow to cool slightly.

Add 4-6 tspns ground black pepper (I used just over 5 tspns, just because that is what I had) and 2x 1/3 cup coconut oil. Mix thoroughly and spoon into sterilised jars. I usually keep these in the fridge, but the instructions also say you can freeze this paste, which I may try at a later date.

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