Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Track Mind

This must be my favourite shop in delightful Honfleur... an homage to chickens!

I once laughed dreadfully at a close friend's interest in chickens - and now I am the sufferer and she has moved on. Oh how she must be laughing back at me.

The obsession has turned to wanting real live chickens at home, which we will have one day soon. My fear is that if you have livestock, you must get used to dead-stock and living in the middle of fields we have not only foxes, but badgers and rats too....
I'm the sort of person that hasn't watched Black Beauty all the way through, nor Bambi - I just cry at the very thought of animals dying.

However, back to the chicken shop. It is a wonderful collection of ceramics, metalwork, postcards, paintings, and I'm determined to spend some of my Euros there this summer!

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